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The way we work

1. Our systematic approach

Our objective is to help our Clients with every step of the recruitment process. We consider that permanent communication with the Client - at least once a week - is essential for a successful search.

Generally, the different steps are as follows:

  • Analysis, with the Client, of the requirements of the position, taking into account the background of the company, the department structure and the specificity of the members of the team;
  • Redaction of a concise job description that summarises the following elements: key features of the company; objective and main responsibilities of the open position ; qualities, qualifications and experience of the ideal Candidate;
  • Systematic search and screening of potential Candidates;
  • Direct approach to the qualified Candidates;
  • Selection-process through in-depth interviews;
  • Presentation of a shortlist of final Candidates through confidential reports;
  • Check of professional references;
  • Assistance in negotiations.

2. Long-term Client orientation

When we undertake a search, it is very important to understand our Client's business, its company culture and the people the Candidate will work with.

Therefore, we focus our efforts on the delivery of the highest level of service in a long-term partnership perspective.

Our current activity is mostly based on repeat business with international corporations.

3. Fixed fee approach

Our fees are related to the level of difficulty underlying each specific recruitment.

Our fees generally are pre-agreed fixed amounts, independent from the salary that is finally negotiated with the hired Candidate. We believe this is a condition to safeguard our credibility in advising our Clients objectively.


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