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Our mission

"Diversity is strength" is our motto.

We mainly focus our search on Candidates whose background, competencies and experience testify their ability to work with different cultures and who are a long-term asset for international positions.

We strongly believe that International Managers have a role of "cultural interface" within multinational companies, by working on the elements which bring people of different cultures together more than focusing on their differences.

More than a matter of knowledge, we believe that the relationship with other cultures is a matter of behavior.

Empathy and listening skills are the keys to understand other cultures. Those attitudes will always be appreciated, much more than the efforts to respect rituals and habits.

It is very important and necessary to be aware of differences of values, behaviors and procedures in other cultures, but it is even more important to transcend different national cultures by a common vision and common projects which will favour the emergence of a common operational culture.


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